The principal engineer heading the design team is Mark Seymour, Jr. He is a graduate of Mississippi State University with a Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering. He possesses a Professional Engineers license in the states of Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana.

Assisting in engineering duties and project management is the Seymour Design Team:

Mark Seymour, Jr., P.E.                               Civil Engineer                     25 yrs.

James C. Booth, Jr., P.L.S.        Professional Surveyor                     30 yrs.

Edward L. (Ned) Hogg, P.E.                       Civil Engineer                     35 yrs.

Erica Davis, P.E.                                               Civil Engineer                        7  yrs.

Bobby Weaver                                            Project Manager                    25 yrs.

Nancy Depreo                                            Project Manager                     31 yrs.

Kris Netto                                                       Senior Designer                     16 yrs.

David A. Rivers                                   Engineer Technician                     35 yrs.

Randy Collier                                       Engineer Technician                     30 yrs.